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24-year-old creative coderpublic speaker



A blog holding a articles about technology and computer science, as well as my CV. Learned about authentication, security, templates and database management.

HTML, CSS, SASS, Django, JS, Bootstrap

Kaff Coffee

A website for a unique coffee brand. Kaff prides itself on its past and provides the experience of the future - helping you live present to the fullest.

HTML, CSS, SASS, JS, Flexbox


A website for a life coaching and personal branding business. Bold, modern and minimalist - their goal is to help you become the best version of yourself.

HTML, CSS, SASS, JS, Flexbox


A website for a company specialising in decor and indoor plants, helping customers achieve a modern interior design that is perfectly tailored to their needs.

HTML, CSS, SASS, JS, Flexbox

Personal Website

The website you are looking at now. I wanted a platform to share my journey and decided that this is one of the best ways I can achieve that.

HTML, CSS, SASS, JS, Bootstrap

Next project is WIP

To be listed soon.


My name is Alexandru Nastase, I am 24 years old and I am a Computer Science graduate from the University of Birmingham in the UK.

While remaining enthusiastic about software development, I have, in time, become passionate about frontend technologies, as well as design, UI and UX. In my free time I am a beginner photographer, president of the Public Speaking Society at my university, as well as an eager designer.

I think of myself as three different personas - creative coder, public speaker and challenge seeker - as these are a great description of who I am, what I love doing and my path so far. I am more than excited to have you joining me on my journey right now!



Software development

Learning software development allows me to be creative, solve problems and have new ideas.


I enjoy creating digital experiences centered on the users and their interactions.

Public speaking

Public speaking allows me to meet new people and keeps me engaged, motivated and creative.


Photography lets me capture and immortalise the most imporant moments in my life.


Let's talk! You can contact me at

You can also find me on